where does justin bieber live


where does justin bieber live? Justin Bieber moves to a new home with tons of steel and glass. 59,000 per month and you can move there too..

He has won numerous music awards, broken hearts, even been involved in several hot scandals and now he is gradually. Justin Bieber hires new home. And not just a house, but one that looks like a spectacular glass palace. The property is located in Beverly Hills. It is characterized modernist structure completed last year, according to the architect responsible for the design pompous Ed Niles. So not only new hairdo star – even address. Transparent house looks from the outside like a museum of contemporary art, including six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

From each side of the bedrooms you can see the magical scenery outside and girders that hold the tons of glass that are there. Living rooms decorated tiles Portuguese blue, naturally correspond with swimming pool designed in the form of a sailboat. There are garden rooms, leisure and entertainment internal and external, for the benefit of his tumultuous life of the new tenant. Garage here is for 7 cars and Security Needless to say, the most advanced in the world.

Bieber is currently not built commitment. He rents the house for 59 thousand dollars a month, but as reported by the real estate agents property purchase for $ 12 million is definitely on the agenda.