Report: Twitter in talks to buy Justin Bieber’s Shots

The pop star is the main investor Salafi app social and serves its main presenter. “shots” have 3 million active users, especially young women. The transaction was exposed due to a mistake committed by CFO Twitter.

Twitter is negotiating the purchase of “Shots”, a social networking app for teenagers based on Salafi photographs and backed by Justin Bieber. The pop star is one of the investors who is also the main presenter.

The information about the negotiations was revealed last night  on CNBC, who recieved it from a source close to the company. The two companies failed to address the informal contacts between them. Shots established in 2010 and claims to have an audience of 3 million active users, two thirds of them are women under the age of 24.

The exposure came as a result of the embarrassing tweat that was published by mistake yesterday by Twitter’s chief financial officer, Anthony Noto, from which we could understand that the company is trying to acquire another company. On a Tweat, that was supposed to be sent as a private message to other Twitter’s senior but Posted on the public feed of Noto, saying “I still think we should buy them. The meeting with your appointment calendar was set to 15 or December 16 – We’ll have to sell it to him. I have a plan.” Noto didnt disclosed the companys identity, but the result of a re published Tweet, code list of companies that might fit the description – the first one  is  “Shots”, whose leaders came to some meetings at Twitter headquarters last month.

Besides Shots the list included “Storehouse”, an application that turns photos and videos “Tales” that contain different content on the same subject,The social networks Secret and YikTak (which raised $ 65 million this week), social news app PrismaTic, Drawbridge company that makes tools for tracking habits Bfrsomoot viewing mobile users, and coupons Shopular app. Another speculation, that was published yesterday by journalist Kevin Ross’s , referring to the news company “MicNews”.