Justin Bieber Reveals

The newest model of Calvin Klein decided to take the job home and splash in the pool of his underpants. After discovering that it was not really that comfortable, paparazzo managed to catch him with panties down. Like every Tuesday…


A few months ago we reported to you that Justin Bieber is the new model of Calvin Klein underwear, and it turns out he takes very seriously class size, and not separate from the brand outside of the set.

Bieber, taken a few days during the pool party at his home where he celebrated with a few male friends (not hinted anything), proved to be a man of Calvin Klein heart and soul, when he left his tight underwear swimsuit instead.

It is not clear why, but Bieber not really think there’s a chance paparazzi will absorb it, and therefore allowed himself to “play” with his package and check that everything is still there and getting proper spacing. Photographer quick and lucky managed to catch a picture of him with his underwear on the decline, and give all fans a glimpse of Bieber’s deep cleavage.

Between this and the expulsion of the girls who had infiltrated his pool party, and YouTube apology to his fans, Bieber managed to turn this week with the surprising BFF Chris Janner, and gave her his sunglasses as a gift,

for some reason. Janner also raised both

Instagram Salafi and thanked him for the gift.