Jusin Bieber is getting close to religion


Its been eported that recently, the bad boy of the pop world delves into religion other then women, drugs and alcohol.
Is Bieber becomes a Christian missionary?

It probably had to happen sometime: Justin Bieber delves into religion. Moment, Bieber delves into the secrets of Christianity? If you believe the gossip columns overseas, Wild Bieber increasingly interested in the doctrine of Christ.

There is no doubt that for Bieber is preferable to religion than the way he went so far. Recall the star gets often in trouble with the law, whether drug use, sex, chronically late to get on stage in front of angry fans, auto racing ran, ran over paparazzi, was arrested by the police, he drank himself to know, got into a fight wish older stars, frolicked with models underwear, cursed, urinated into the bucket at the restaurant, was caught with his pants down or he wrestled with online visitors. Now it seems that it is time to pay, or at least apologize for his sins, without him even locked up behind bars in jail.

justin bieber getting close to religion