Justin Bieber the Past Present and Future

Justin Bieber has been the heart throb of many young ladies for the last few years, and several older ones too. This pop singer has always managed to keep himself in the headlines, and not always because of his success in the music world.

The Past:
Many will remember back to 2007 when this young star first appeared on YouTube. He was the Canadian version of a very innocent young teen that was humble and shy. He was raised in the basement of his grandparent’s house by his Mom Pattie. His foundation to life began with Christian beliefs instilled in him by his Mother.
It was the hope of those who watched Bieber climb to fame in the world of popularity that he would retain his fresh outlook on life. It was not to be the case though, as slowly Justin fell into the many pitfalls that come with stardom.
By the year 2013 this rising star had become what many considered and was even advertised as the worst. His arrogant nature, big ego and defiance of the law was not doing much for his popularity.

The Present:
There are indicators that he is attempting to change the path he seemed intent on following. He has just been hit with a lawsuit by his old neighbor over the egg incident that occurred in January of 2014. This is the occurrence where Justin and some of his friends egged the neighbor’s house. Justin received probation for this, and had to pay $80K for the repairs that were required. Now the neighbor is suing, based on emotional distress that is supposedly from a slanderous remark made by Justin’s bodyguard.
At his comedy central roast Bieber was the brunt of many jokes. Perhaps it was this that spurred him to a more serious outlook. During his surprise visit on the Ellen DeGeneres show he actually made an apology for being himself. He acknowledged that a lot of people were turned off by him, but still believes he is capable of focusing on turning out the music he is has the talent for.

The Future
In January of 2015 the papers were reporting that Justin was dropping drugs and alcohol and wanted to basically start out on a re-launch of his career. Perhaps if he puts into action all that he has been talking about regarding his intentions, then may Justin will redeem himself and go on with a healthy and successful career. The world of stars is full of young failures. Boy George is a classic example with his flamboyant ways whose career ended early partially because of his drug addiction. Axl Rose another example. The question is will Justin Bieber’s name be added to the roster of stars who had it all and threw it away? Or will he gain his popularity as the boy star who finally grew up. Fans are loyal, but only when their beloved star remains in the spotlight. The future for Justin Bieber lies within his very own hands.