“I take care of myself”:
Justin Bieber apologizes for everything

The young singer came to the Ellen DeGeneres show and admitted that he had a difficult time lately. Now what? Justin Bieber apologize, He Is willing to reveal the new sensitive image. This comes in Calvin Klein panties, right?

You have to admit the you missed Justin Bieber, specially to see Justin Bieber apologize. Also we are not even ashamed to admit it. Therefore, we were very happy to see that he came to be interviewed on Ellen’s show. The interview started with a video of Bieber when he wishes good luck to Alan birthday The ’21 ‘, which is actually a 57th birthday. Watch:

In the interview Bieber (20) which was a little stressed out becuase its been a whille since he interviewed on TV, and Allen reminds him that his first television interview he did was, with her, at the age of 15. Further, the two talked about Bieber’s last peroid, which included cocaine, a car accident, a controversial religious appreciation and mentor not satisfied. Alan strengthened Bieber when she said she knew he handles himself and that she was proud of him, especially self-deprecating humor he shows after the underwear campaign for Calvin Klein and he raised the issue of Photoshop.
After the interview footage, raised Bieber video network which he apologizes for the past eighteen months. “Today I was in Allen and was really fun and amazing, , I was really stressed out and I think it’s because I was afraid of what people will think about me now. It’s a long time since I was in public and did not want to leave cocky or arrogant, as I treated a year and a half.”