Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Watch: Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fight because Selena Gomez.

Video of  TMZ shows the two stars are arguing passionately, just before Orlando hit Justin’s face. Soon after published Bieber’s ex-girlfriend’s picture Bloom, Miranda Kerr. We have a feeling that it is not the end…

Hard to say it was not expected considering their history, but it is doubtful that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom were expecting their first physical quarrel will be documented on video and canal network. Well, guess what?
In a video posted to the site TMZ this morning shows the British actor (37) during a furious argument with the young singer (20) outside the restaurant in Ibiza, and according to two witnesses – Moments after Bloom slammed the Beaver him.
While the video can not see the punch, but hear Bieber shouts at Bloom “What happens, Beach?” At the beginning of the section, before Orlando went up to him and starts talking to him. Justin’s friends try to separate the two, but Orlando certainly strives to touch and try to catch the star in person.